What is Active Stretching?

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What is Active Stretching?

Stretching is key to keep your muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. Being flexible helps maintain the range of motion in your joints. Without flexibility, your muscles will start to tighten, and this can become uncomfortable. To improve flexibility, a lot of people often gravitate towards stretching exercises. There are many different ways to stretch. One great form of stretching is active stretching.

Active stretching is just as it sounds, you are actively moving the muscle that you plan to stretch. This stretching method contracts one muscle to stretch an opposing muscle with no external force. Sometimes referred to as static active stretching, this movement becomes static because you are not moving while you are holding the stretch with other muscles. This method requires no stretching equipment such as a strap or band.

There are various other methods of stretching. Each method being similar in function to the other, but each differing slightly in execution. Active stretching differs from other stretching methods because the pull of resistance is accessed by your own muscles. A perfect example of this is lying your back on the floor and lifting your leg straight to the ceiling until you feel your hamstring start to stretch. This stretching method can be used before a workout to prepare your muscles and warm them up. Stretching after a workout is a great way to promote faster workout recovery.

Active stretching is a great stretching method to enhance flexibility. It is all about using your own muscles to provide resistance to stretch another muscle. Try it for yourself today, so you can feel less stiff and limber.

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Article written by William Graves.