Why Do Muscles Get Sore?

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muscle sorenessYou know the feeling. After a great day at the gym or after your big race you try to walk down a flight of stairs, but it is more challenging than it was the day before. Some people view it as proof of hard work, others see it as a sign they overdid it. What assumption is correct? The answer is somewhere in between. We looked into what causes muscle soreness, what you can do to prevent it, and recommend some of our products that can help relieve muscle soreness.

Editor’s note: this article was researched and written by the author, not a medical professional. If you are suffering from muscle pain see your primary healthcare physician to see the cause and determine if it needs medical attention.

What is Muscle Soreness?  

Delayed-onset muscle soreness begins several hours after exercise and peaks about 2 days after exercise. While the exact reason it develops is not clear, those who study exercise agree that those who are experiencing soreness are also experiencing muscle damage and rebuilding.

What Causes Muscle Soreness?

Almost any kind of exercise can result in soreness. It most often happens when performing an exercise that is new, or when a usual exercise is performed at a higher intensity (e.g. runners who regularly run 3 miles a day may feel sore after running a 5k race because they were pushing harder to compete with the other runners in the race). Other things that can cause muscle soreness are eccentric exercises, ones where a muscle has to contract as its lengthening, or stretching.

When is Soreness a Good Thing?

As mentioned above, soreness is a good indicator that the body is repairing itself. If you don’t experience soreness that’s ok, it is possible to build muscle without soreness. It might also mean that you’ve gotten used to your particular workout.

When is Muscle Soreness Something to Worry About?

If you wake up so sore you can’t move, your muscles are swollen, or your urine is brown go to a doctor right away. These are signed of rhabdomyolysis, which can threaten your health.

What Can I do About Muscle Soreness?

The best thing to do if you’re experience is get some rest. If you must get back to the gym take it easy. At FEI we carry a number of products that can help soothe soreness:

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