Why Moisturizers Work

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Spring is here and even though the weather is warming up, it can still be cold in April. Why Moisturizers WorkMost people tend to heat their homes to stay warm, however this can create an environment of dry heat. This dry heat can lead to dry skin. By using moisturizers, you can combat the discomforting effects of dry skin.

Dry skin can be itchy and irritating and can even cause some people to develop a rash. We can take a shower or bath to hydrate our skin but there is nothing to prevent this water from escaping our skin. Our skin is only temporarily relieved after a shower because once out of the shower people face the warm air coming from the heaters in their homes.

Moisturizers can combat dry skin because they combine water and a greasy substance to keep the water sealed in the skin. Grease might not sound so nice to some, but it is key to helping your skin stay hydrated and not give you that dry itchy feeling. Apply moisturizer immediately after taking a shower or bath to keep hydration locked in.

Although moisturizers are a great tool to combat dry skin, they may not be right for everyone. Some people may gain an allergic reaction, or simply don’t like the moisturizer’s smell. It’s important to test out your moisturizer of choice first on a small area of skin to check for reactions.

For those who can’t seem to find a moisturizer that works, below we’ve listed 6 tips that can help with dry skin:

  1. Use a humidifier
  2. Lower the thermostat at home
  3. Take warm, not hot, baths and showers and try bath oils
  4. Use a mild soap that doesn’t irritate you
  5. Wear loose clothing that doesn’t rub against your skin
  6. Wear warm clothing outside in cold, windy weather

Using a moisturizer can be beneficial all year-round. Moisturizers keep the skin happy and certain ones are created with SPF formula to help block you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Dry skin can happen any time of the year and not just the winter, talk to your doctor if you think using a moisturizer is right for you.

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Article written by William Graves.