Why Non-Slip Material is Important

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Why Non-Slip Material is Important

Patient safety is one of the most important responsibilities of health care and assisted living facilities, and it’s no secret why. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye—which is why non-slip material is so valuable to have in your facility.

You can place non-slip material just about anywhere to decrease slippage for maximum safety. It can also be used to help patients with gripping items, like pens, and keep other fixtures in place, like cups and plates. Non-slip material is a safe and reliable option for reducing unwanted slipping and sliding.

Why Non-Slip?

Falls can happen to anyone, anywhere. Falls can easily occur at home or outside, but the likelihood is heightened in places like clinics, health care facilities and nursing homes, which predominantly serve elderly or injured patients. For elderly patients, falls can lead to serious injuries and health effects. To keep patients stable and safe, clinics and facilities prefer to use non-slip materials like StayPut®.

The new StayPut® material is something we recommend to anyone who needs non-slip material to cover surfaces of all kinds. Choose from a variety of sizes! Smaller sizes can make for good placemats and reduce the need to worry about drinks spilling. Larger sizes can be used as floor mats to help avoid any chance of slipping or sliding. From tables to floors, non-slip material is easy to apply and can be essential for maximum safety.

Non-slip material can be used for more than just the ground or kitchen table. You can use it pretty much anywhere. Well-placed non-slip material can provide a more stable grip. Wrapping non-slip material around utensils, for example, can help patients with a weaker grip strength to continue eating independently.

The same can be said about wrapping non-slip material around the handle of canes. Canes don’t always have a stable and comfortable grip. Some canes are completely smooth, which increases the likelihood that they can accidentally slip out of a person’s grip and cause them to fall. Using non-slip material can help prevent a fall from occurring.

You can also use non-slip material to keep items from moving. Coffee tables, end tables, nightstands and bookshelves can benefit from non-slip material.

Life is precious and avoiding certain dangers with this material can have a huge impact on just about everyone’s life. so don’t wait any longer: make sure you get some non-slip material today!

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Article written by William Graves.