Why Use a Kettlebell?

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Why Use a Kettlebell?

If you have ever wondered why the kettlebell has such a unique shape, it is because they were originally used as a farm tool in Russia. They were later reimagined as an exercise weight after male performers used them to compare feats of strength. Kettlebells are a popular alternative to traditional barbells, dumbbells, and resistance machines. It is not a surprise either because they can target several muscle groups at once in a short period of time. Helping to improve your strength, power, and cardiovascular fitness. Here are some kettlebell workouts you should incorporate into your daily workout routine:

Russian Twist

Speaking of its Russian origin, the Russian Twist can help improve your balance, stability, and posture, as well as strengthen your core. To begin, sit with your legs bent and your feet flat on the floor. Grab your CanDo® Kettlebell by the handle with both hands and lean back so that your torso is at a 45-degree angle. Make sure you have your heels a few inches above the floor and move your torso from right to left. You should swing the kettlebell slightly across your body, rotating your body 6 to 8 times. After your first set, return to the starting position and try to go for another set or two.

Kettlebell Swing

The most well-known kettlebell exercise is the kettlebell swing. It is a great total body workout that helps strengthen your glutes, quads, hamstrings, arms, and shoulders all at once. To begin, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, and place the CanDo® Kettlebell in front of your feet, in the center of the floor. Then, grab the kettlebell with both arms and pick it up until your wrists are between your thighs with your knees slightly bent. Then, make an explosive movement forward with your hips and swing the kettlebell upward in front of you. Then, lower your chest and bring the kettlebell back between your legs behind you. Do this for 20 seconds to complete the set. You should aim to do this exercise 6 to 7 times as you build up strength to be at an intermediate level.

CanDo® Kettlebells range from 5 lbs. all the way up to 30 lbs. With a little bit of patience and proper technique, you can go from a lighter beginner weight, all the way up to the more advanced gold kettle bell. Doing these kettlebell workouts and more will give you the total body workout you need. Helping you to improve your muscular, cardiovascular, and overall fitness.

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Article written by William Graves.