Why You Need to Use a Yoga Block

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Why You Need to Use a Yoga Block

Are you looking to deepen your yoga experience? If so, then it might be time to consider investing in a yoga block. Yoga blocks are an incredibly versatile tool that allows yogis of all levels to feel the enhanced benefits of their practice. Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for years, using a yoga block can be extremely helpful when doing different poses and trying new techniques.

If you are somewhat familiar with yoga, you may have seen people using a yoga block. It is a dense, rectangular shaped block that can be made up of foam, cork, rubber, or wood. Though there can be different sizes and materials that make up the yoga block, most are made of foam or cork and measure 9 inches by 6 inches by 4 inches. Out of all the tools people use for yoga, other than the yoga mat, the yoga block is probably the most popular to use. This is because it is used to help with your poses. Depending on the yoga pose, the yoga block can either make the poses more accessible or more challenging. Can you go a whole yoga session without using a yoga block? Absolutely, but yoga blocks can add a new dimension to your yoga experience. By adding more depth to seated or standing forms, as well as supporting the back, hips, and head.

Yoga blocks are helpful for just about everyone. Whether you are a beginner yogi or one of the more advanced practitioners, yoga blocks can be very beneficial. For beginners, yoga blocks can help correct alignment, support certain poses and even make some poses more accessible. More advanced yogis can enjoy some of the poses that yoga blocks make more challenging. Allowing those people to really master their craft. Even those with physical limitations and those who are recovering from injuries can benefit too. As it can help supplement range of motion, support muscle engagement and add additional support to low, medium and high positions.

No matter the skill level you are at, yoga blocks can be very useful for any yoga practice. It can make poses more accessible for beginners, more challenging for advanced practitioners and even help those with physical limitations and those recovering from injuries. Plus, they can even be used to help correct alignment and to provide comfort during long meditation sessions.

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Article written by William Graves.