Why you Should be Doing a HIRT Workout

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Sometimes it is good to take it slow, but what if you wanted a high intensity workout just at a slower pace? Instead of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) you could try High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT). HIRT hits the sweet spot of being slow enough so you can work on your form but faster than traditional weightlifting.

HIRT is a slower workout compared to other high intensity workouts, so it is easier on your joints. This is because HIRT revolves around high volume resistance training rather than seeing how many calories you can burn in short amount of time. By slowing your workout down, you get to put more intention behind your movement. This results in better form and more effective results. When you focus on working out too fast, sometimes you lose your form and the effectiveness of the workout. High volume weightlifting prevents this by using weights that are lighter than you are used to using so that you can perform more reps without compromising your form.

The benefits of HIRT can be immense. The biggest benefit being increased muscle growth and strength. HIRT workouts fall into the ideal rep range for building muscle and lifting weights is the best way to get stronger. HIRT workouts also strengthen your bones and reduce the risk of certain diseases because you are losing wight and being healthy. Even HIRT workouts may be slower than other workouts like HIIT, it is no slouch. It is still an intense workout and has shorter rest intervals compared to traditional weightlifting. Traditional weightlifting can be a lot slower and boring because of the long rest intervals.

HIRT workouts are quicker than traditional resistance training but more effective than HIIT. You get all the benefits of a high intensity workout but at a slower pace. If you feel HIRT workouts are for you, please consult your doctor.

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Article written by William Graves.