Winter Running Tips

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Winter Running Tips

Yesterday marks the official start of winter, a season where going for run is more commonly postponed so you can stay at home where it is warm. One day it can be nice enough to go for a run and the next day you can be greeted with a mountain of snow. You then find yourself retreating to cozy comforts of your own home and waiting for a warmer day. Instead of retreating, you should be embracing the winter weather and sticking to your running routine. Here are some tips for running in the winter weather:

Find Motivation – Dangle That Carrot

The first thing you must do to motivate yourself to go outside is to give yourself a reward at the end of your run. With a promise of a reward at the end, you are luring yourself out the door. That reward can be anything to make that run worth it. Whether that be some warm soup, pancakes or a piece of chocolate. There is something waiting for you to go out and finish that run.

Wear the Right Attire

In the Winter, you cannot go outside with just shorts and a tee like you did in the summer. However, you should not completely bundle up either. You must find the perfect balance of attire and based on how cold it is. One rule of thumb is to dress like it is 10 to 20 degrees warmer. You may feel cool in the beginning, but you will start to get warm once you get into the run. Wear fabrics that wick away sweat and keep you insulated while still being able to vent some hot air out. You also want to think about wearing appropriate shoes and socks as accidently stepping into some slush might not feel so nice.

Pre-run Warm Up

With daylight being limited during winter, chances are you might be running in the dark. With no sun and strong cold winds, it can be hard to get motivated with no warmth. Doing a warm-up inside before going out for a run is a good starting point to start to keep warm and get the blood flowing. Stretching, running up and down the stairs, and jumping rope are all ideas to help you get warmed up.

Obviously if it is bad outside…safety first. If that is the case and you are snowed in, you can always fire up the treadmill at home. These are just some helpful tips to get you motivated to run during a cold day.

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Article written by William Graves.