Wintertime Workout Tips

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Winter is here and the cold weather tends to deter people from going to the gym to work out. Wintertime WorkoutEspecially during those cold rainy and snowy days, you might just want to hibernate and wake up when it’s warmer. Sure, you can go to the gym or workout at home during the cold season, but it is not the same as exercising outside. Working out in the outdoors does not just have to be a seasonal thing, you can workout outside in the wintertime if you just follow these tips:

Dress Up

It’s very important to dress properly for the Winter weather. You want to dress to stay dry and warm while you exercise outdoors. Becoming cold and wet is the quickest way to cut your workout short. Wetness causes you to quickly lose body heat, while not wearing enough clothing will lose any body heat you have left. It is crucial to layer up to keep yourself well insulted. You should also wear clothing that prevents you from getting wet.

Skin Protection

Your skin needs proper care when braving the cold weather. Cold air can dry up your skin even if you are completely covered up. To prevent dryness, you should drink plenty of water and use moisturizer. Rubbing in moisturizer after a daily run will help prevent your skin from becoming dry and flaky.


Warmups are the best way to get your blood pumping, which is good for cold weather workouts. Warmups are low intensity movements that increase blood flow in your muscles and help decrease the risk of injury when you are exercising. It’s a good idea to warmup inside before you go outside to help you initially stay warm and limber before you go exercise in the cold.

Cold weather should not prevent you from exercising outside. Outdoor workouts are a great way to exercise your body and mind. Just be sure before you brave the wintertime weather, you protect your skin, warmup first, and wear warm weatherproof clothing.

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Article written by William Graves.