Provides support for getting in and out of bed. Easy to grasp handles can be used for repositioning and turning in bed. Bars slide between mattress and box spring. The handles are 20" wide and height adjustable from 16-19". Side pockets provide convenient storage areas. The single bar extends underneath the mattress; it includes a strap that attaches to the bed frame for additional stability and fits twin to king size beds.
    Protects sensitive feet from weight of a blanket. Creates free space of about 30x16x12". One side slips under mattress; the other side supports blanket. Plastic coated steel, 16x12x16".
    Plastic bed tray ideal for eating, reading, writing, grooming and playing games in bed.
    Provides assistance in sitting up from a lying position and has 5 rungs at 5" intervals. The ladder is looped at the end for easy attachment. The total length is 57".
    This premier line of fall mats are designed to be placed on the floor along the sides of beds, chairs and other locations where there's the possibility of an unexpected fall. the bed in the home or next to a hospital bed. Features to look for are high impact foam, a non-slip surface and that it's easy to clean.