Balance Training with the CanDo® Balance Pad

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Balance Training with the CanDo® Balance Pad

Balance training is an important component of fall prevention. Many experts in both sports medicine and physical therapy all agree that a balance pad is necessary for maintaining perfect balance throughout your everyday life. If you are bored of balance training on a flat floor, you can up the challenge with the CanDo® Balance Pad. Below we have listed some great balance pad exercises to get you started:

One Leg Balance Exercise

This exercise is as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is stand on one leg with the other leg raised for 30 seconds. With the CanDo® Balance Pad, stability on one leg will not be as easy as using the flat floor. Make sure you are not touching anything to help you balance. Once those 30 seconds are up, repeat this exercise using the other leg.

One Leg Balance Exercise (Eyes Closed)

If you do not feel challenged enough and you are doing the one leg balance exercise with ease, try doing it with your eyes closed. Closing your eyes brings a whole other level to instability. While standing on one leg with the balance pad, close one or both of your eyes and count to 5. If you can do this, increase the seconds to 30. Then, repeat this exercise using the other leg.

Tiptoe Exercise

For a more challenging exercise than what was mentioned previously. Instead of balancing with your foot flat on the balance pad, try balancing on your tiptoes. Of course, you may need all your toes for this exercise because with less surface area to utilize, you are required to focus more on balancing. Once you can balance for 30 seconds on your tiptoes. You may want to trying balancing on one set of toes for the ultimate balance challenge.

Though these exercises may sound easy on paper, they can be much harder in practice. You might be surprised with how instable you really are when you first start balance training. However, overtime and with practice, you will be able to overcome instability and have perfect balance regardless of what you may be doing.

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Article written by William Graves.