Best Home Gym Equipment for 2023

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Best Home Gym Equipment for 2023

Since the pandemic happened, a lot of people started working out from home and have not looked back. Working out from home has its benefits. The biggest one being not having to leave the convenience of your own home. One big draw back about exercising at home is that you may not have the fancy equipment that a gym may have. That is why we have listed some of the best exercise equipment you can use while working out from home:

Best Exercise Band

Exercise bands are a great choice for those who are either tight on space or just want an all-in-one exercise tool. When looking at resistance bands, it is important to remember that most are color-coded according to their resistance level. Therefore, it’s optimal to buy into a set for with the most versatility. CanDo® Exercise bands offer the most variety when it comes to exercise bands. Their resistance level goes from xx-light (Tan) all the way up to xxx-heavy (Gold). They also come in multiple sizes. If you want a roll, you can choose from a 6-yard, 25-yard, 50 yard and even a 100-yard roll. And if you don’t feel like cutting the roll to the size you like, CanDo® also offer pre-cut bands to just pick up and use. There is also a latex free option for all the rolls and pre-cuts mention for those with a latex allergy.

Best Exercise Mat

Exercise mats are necessary when you want to use the floor for anything. You want a mat that is a decent density but also has some cushion. This is because you want some comfortability, so it doesn’t feel like you are working out on the hardwood floor. You also want a mat that prevents slippage to ensure safety. CanDo® Sup-R Mat® exercise mats are high quality closed cell foam exercise mats that are tough enough for clinics but comfortable enough to do sit-ups on. These mats are ribbed on both sides for anti-skid traction when in use. CanDo® offers mats with multiple sizes and colors to fit your needs. There are also grommets embedded in the mats so that you can hang them up when you are not using them.

Best Kettlebell

Another essential piece of home gym equipment that you might want to pick up is the kettlebell. You can use the kettlebell for many of the same exercises as the dumbbell, but you can also do a lot more dynamic move with it. For example, snatches, cleans, and kettlebell swings. When it comes to kettlebells, you want to look for the durability and weight range. CanDo® Kettlebells are made of cast iron, so it can really take a beating. They are all coated in vinyl, to reduce the potential of scratching your floors. Combining this with the CanDo® Sup-R mat® mentioned earlier, it will put your mind at ease when it comes to your floors. These kettlebells are available in 8 weights ranging from 5 to 30 pounds. They are color coated to easily identify the weight.

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Article written by William Graves.