Exercise at Home with TOGU®

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One of the key ingredients of avoiding cabin fever is exercise. Exercising not only kills the spare time you have, but also helps you live a healthier life. Are you bored by the exercise equipment you own? Try something new with TOGU®. Below we’ve listed some of our favorite TOGU® balance training products that are sure to entertain.

Balance Cushions

For those who are working from home or doing school online, you should invest in a balance cushion. TOGU® Balance CushionWith it, you can now exercise and do your work at the same time! This is because the air-filled cushion is meant for dynamic sitting and for sensorimotor and proprioceptive training. By sitting on either side of the cushion you can give your core a proper workout by balancing on it as you do your work. These cushions are not just for sitting. When you are done with work, you can use the cushion a standing disc that you can use to balance train for a more intensive workout.

Balanza® Balance Boards

For those who want more balance training in thBalanza® Balance Boardeir life, there are the balance boards by TOGU®. Balance boards are used to strengthen and condition your lower body. With these boards you can improve ankle range-of-motion, balance, body awareness, and develop joint mobility and reaction skills. There are different types of TOGU® Balanza® board to fit different skill levels. Choose the boards with four inflatable balls for an easier time or go all the way to the single inflatable ball boards for a more intensive balance training session. You can also increase and decrease the air in the balls to change up the challenge.

Challenge Disc

For those who don’t feel like inflating something to do balanTogu® Challenge Discce training and want more active feedback, the TOGU® Challenge Disc maybe right for you. The TOGU® Challenge Disc provides balance training for all performance levels and ages. All movements on this disc are reflected on a downloadable APP that can be used to play balance games and track your balance progress Download the free app on your computer or tablet to get motivated without the need of a trainer.

TOGU® offers a lot of excellent products to help you exercise at home. You can view the mentioned TOGU® products and more by checking out our website.

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Article written by William Graves.