As the inventor and original patent holder of ABS® Anti-Burst technology, TOGU® has revolutionized the inflatables industry. TOGU® inflatable balls with ABS® Anti-Burst technology allow balls to deflate slowly and safely if punctured, and not burst.
    TOGU® balance training products strengthen and condition the lower body while improving balance, coordination, range-of-motion, body awareness, joint mobility, and reaction skills.
    Use TOGU® balance boards to strengthen and condition the lower body. Improve ankle range-of-motion, balance, body awareness, and develop joint mobility and reaction skills.
    Use TOGU® cushions and wedges to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength.
    Use TOGU® pediatric balance products to give children a fun way to address vestibular stimulation, balance, sensory integration and mobility. Use these items for one-on-one therapy or group play.
    Work out tense muscles in the neck, shoulders, back, legs, feet, or any part of the body using TOGU massagers.
    TOGU® resistance and weight training products can be used in physical therapy and fitness training to develop strength, increase flexibility, improve range-of-motion, and tone or increase muscles.
    TOGU® inflatable rollers improve balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. They are designed to provide self massage and myofascial release and relaxation.
    Pressure Air Biofeedback or “PAB” is a program from TOGU® that uses air to measure muscle strength. It has been proven to be a great rehabilitation tool right after knee surgery or after a stroke.
    The Pilates Circle is a stability ring designed for people who want to train against a resistance when doing Pilates or yoga.