Experience the versatility and ultra-high-quality design of the CanDo Bi-Directional UBE! This Upper Body Ergometer works on both your upper and lower body all in one device. Use it at home or in a clinical setting to improve your muscle strength, coordination, blood circulation as well as range-of-motion and cardio.
    Pedal exercisers are inexpensive and portable exercisers for both the upper and lower body. They can be used on the floor for foot pedaling, or on the tabletop for hand pedaling. These pedal exercisers have wide leg spread and non-marring feet keep exerciser stable even when patient has little muscle control. Wrap around adjustable foot straps for use with or without shoes. Adjustable tension allows for easy changes in pedaling difficulty level. Exercisers are available in a variety of styles with and without digital read-out.
    The CanDo Magneciser pedal exerciser offers ultra-quiet magnetic, bi-directional resistance. Use for upper body (hand pedaling) and lower body (foot pedaling) exercises. Each unit comes with a fully automatic 5-function digital LCD display; speed, elapsed time, calories, distance and scan of all functions. Resistance is controlled by turning the resistance knob. Units use 2 AA batteries (included).
    Therapy Propellers are designed to improve upper body mobility, flexibility and range of motion. Incredibly versatile, it can be used in a traditional pedal configuration or U-shaped, used alone or with assistance and with one hand or two. Resistance is increased or decreased via adjustable dials leading to a near-personalized workout and rehabilitation experience.
    Love Handles are a series of unique exercisers designed to improve upper body strength. Groundbreaking design allows the two lightweight, ergonomic handles to be attached to most chairs, wheelchairs and even strollers. For those who need to sit, Love Handles allow for workouts where arms, shoulders, back, stomach and core get strengthened. On strollers, those benefits are multiplied as users can jog, walk and power walk, letting new moms take their fitness on the go. Resistance is adjustable and the Love Handles are easy to clean.
    A line of pedal exercisers for both arms and legs from Carex, a leader in in-home, self-care medical products for over 35 years. These exercisers can be used on the floor, on a table or on the go. Easy to use, clean and maintain.
    Drive Medical is simply unbeatable when it comes to helping you increase your mobility and circulation as well as the strengthening of your legs and arms. The combination of these benefits can greatly boost your overall health and independence.
    Lateral Trainers provide clinically proven, lasting pain therapy. Using the identical tech that PTs use to rehab clients after injury or surgery, it gently targets the muscles that support the knees, with no impact to the joint itself.