Exercises for Wrist and Forearm Pain

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Exercises for Wrist and Forearm Pain - Dumbbell Forearm Extension

Do you know repetitive motions can create stiffness in your wrists and forearms that can lead to tendonitis pain? If you are experiencing tendonitis in your forearm, just know it is not permanent. There are exercises that you can do to help relieve stress in your forearm muscles and reduce inflammation.

Dumbbell Forearm Extension First thing you want to do to is release that tension in your forearm. You can do this by grabbing a single CanDo® dumbbell of your choice. The lighter weight the better because the goal is not to get “swole” but to release tension and strengthen your forearm. Place your forearm on a flat surface with your wrist hanging off the edge. Grip the dumbbell with your palm down and use your opposite hand to help slowly bring your wrist all the way up to extension. Then, slowly allow your wrist to go down with the dumbbell by using your forearm muscles to resist and stretch all the way down. Do this as many times as you can to allow full range-of-motion to your forearm extensors.

CanDo® Pronation/Supination Wrist Exercise Wheel

Forearm External Rotations

The CanDo® Pronation/Supination Wrist Exercise Wheel is a therapy aid that allows for pronation and supination exercises. It makes your whole wrist, forearm and elbow rotate which is perfect for forearm external rotations. To begin, find a flat surface to rest the wheel on. Then, lock your shoulder blade into your side with your elbow bent at almost a 90-degree angle. Next, grip the middle handle of the wheel with your palm down so that the handle is parallel to the table. Finally, perform the external rotation by rotating your forearm so that your palm is up. Be sure that your arm does not move to allow the forearms muscles to work. Do this as many times as you can to allow for a full range-of-motion.

CanDo® Twist-n-Bend® Wrist Flexion

CanDo® Twist-n-Bend® Wrist Flexion

By using the CanDo® Twist-n-Bend®, you will be able to control your wrist flexion and forearm extension. To begin, grab a CanDo® Twist-n-Bend® of your choice with one hand. We recommend using the lighter resistances to start off with. Next, extend your forearm with the CanDo® Twist-n-Bend® in your hand with your palm down. Then grab the other end of it with your opposite hand. Rotate and twist away from you with your opposite hand while your extended arm slowly resists. Do this as many times as you can to allow for a full range of motion.

Forearm pain is not a great feeling but utilizing these tips might help ease the pain over time. Combining these exercises with rest and using ice and anti-inflammatory medications will help. Tendonitis is chronic so it might take weeks to recover. If you are experience severe pain that does not improve, stop what you are doing and consult your doctor immediately.

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Article written by William Graves.