Four items to help you stay fit while traveling

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The summer is coming to a close which means many of us are planning our last-minute summer vacations. No matter where you’re going, your travel plans don’t have to get in the way of your fitness goals. Don’t forget to pack these items to stay fit and on track during your vacation:

  1. A set of resistance bands – they’re lightweight, portable, and are just as effective as dumbbells but without the weight! Related product: CanDo® resistance bands.
  2. A foam roller – treat yourself to a massage while you’re on vacation. Foam rolling benefits include increased blood flow, better range of motion, restoring muscle length balance across joints, increased circulation and blood flow, and relieving pain and stiffness. Related product: CanDo® foam rollers.
  3. Gliding discs – using gliders requires little space and has minimal impact on your joints. Just be sure to use them on a smooth surface. Related product: Flowin’ exercise system.
  4. Yoga mat – try fitting in a yoga session and get some Zen time in during your vacation. Related product: CanDo® yoga mats.

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