Loosen Up with our Top Stretching Tools

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Loosen Up with our Top Stretching Tools - CanDo Leg stretcher

The benefits of stretching far outweigh the problems you would get if you did not stretch. It is so easy to skip the stretching portion of your exercise routine. However, you end up hurting yourself in the end, quite literally, if you do not stretch. By dedicating a few minutes to stretching after you exercise, you can significantly improve your flexibility. Below are some stretching tools we recommend that can help you become more flexible:

CanDo® Leg Stretcher

When your leg muscles are not stretched properly, they can tighten and constrict the movement of your ankle. To help combat this, the CanDo® Leg Stretcher is an excellent assistive device for the job. By using the CanDo® Leg Stretcher it can help stretch your legs, feet, and ankles. It is the perfect tool for when you want to go running but are concerned about getting injured. By continually using this device, either before or after exercising, your flexibility and range-of-motion in the legs and ankles will be improved. With proper stretching using the CanDo® Leg Stretcher there is no need to worry about tearing a hamstring while going for your daily run.

CanDo® Dynamic Stretch Strap

CanDo® Dynamic Stretch Strap

For those who need a little more versatility in their stretching, the CanDo® Dynamic Stretch Strap is the right tool for you. It is unique in that its two different materials allow a variety of stretches and contractions. The blue webbing side of the strap offers more resistance and less stretch, while the black elastic side of the strap provides users with less resistance and plenty of stretch. This tool is perfect for those who want to stretch both their arms and legs after exercising.

Baseline® Sit n' Reach®

Baseline® Sit n’ Reach®

Like measuring weight, you can also measure how much you can stretch. The Baseline® Sit n’ Reach® provides this test of flexibility by providing scales which are printed in inches and centimeters. You may have even used this tool is grade school without knowing what it was. This flexibility measurement tool is made of sturdy powder-coated metal construction with a built-in foot plate and a maximum stretch indicator that remains until reset. It is great for standard flexibility measurements including: Fitness, Program, Cooper Institute/YMCA and SHAPE America (formerly known as AAHPERD).

If you like running, lifting weights, or you are looking to become a future gymnast you need to be flexible enough to meet your life goals. For all your flexibility needs, whether that be stretching or measuring, we have you covered.

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Article written by William Graves.