How to choose a foam roller

There are hundreds of foam roller options available for clinics and home users. With all the sizes, shapes, and firmness options available, how are you to know which roller is best for your needs? We are obviously partial to our … Continue reading

Three exercises for sciatica pain relief

Editor’s note: this article originally appeared on Click here for the original article. Sciatica is the term used to describe pain radiating along the sciatic nerve, which runs down one or both legs from the lower back. Sciatica is … Continue reading

13 of the best standing ab exercises

You read that title correctly: standing ab exercises. You probably never thought of working your core while standing, but you should. Your core muscles aren’t just the ones you see while standing in front of the mirror. Your abs, oblique … Continue reading

“Zoned” playgrounds may help increase physical activity during recess

Recess is a great opportunity for children to be active. Unfortunately, many children still tend to be sedentary during recess. A study by researchers from the University of Missouri found that playground zoning could change all that. Playground zoning means … Continue reading

Foam Rolling for Better Sleep

Stress is an inevitable part of life that we all have to deal with at one time or another. When we are stressed our body often gets tense resulting in bands and knots forming in our muscle tissue. These bands … Continue reading

Video: the total-body kettlebell HIIT workout

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a training technique in which short bursts of maximum effort exercise are followed by short, sometimes active recovery periods. This type of training is great if you’re looking to lose weight because it gets your … Continue reading

Small amounts of exercise can improve adult ADHD symptoms

A study from the University of Georgia found that a small amount of exercise can help to reduce ADHD symptoms in adults. Researchers asked 32 men with elevated ADHD symptoms to cycle at a moderate intensity for 20 minutes on … Continue reading

The ultimate guide to good posture

Having good posture is important for your overall health and mood. Poor posture can affect your muscles and internal organs. It also says a lot about your attitude and how you feel about yourself. Why is having good posture important? … Continue reading

Small amounts of exercise can lead to healthier kids

It is hard to get adults to exercise. It is even harder to get kids to exercise. Historically, it has been difficult to get children to exercise. A combination of inexpensive junk food, shorter gym class and recess time, larger … Continue reading

9 reasons you feel sluggish during your workout

Has this ever happened to you? You walk into the gym feeling pumped for your group fitness class. About five minutes into the workout you’re having trouble keeping up with the rest of the class and are feeling sluggish. You … Continue reading

4 foam-rolling exercises to do in the morning

Foam rolling is often thought of as a way to prepare for or recover from exercise, but it can also be a great way to loosen up your muscles first thing in the morning. All you need is a soft, … Continue reading

Children may not be getting enough exercise

A recent study found that young children are not meeting the national guidelines for physical activity. The study led by researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine and the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University suggests … Continue reading

Concussions in the different levels of football

A study published in JAMA Pediatrics found that high school and college football players report more concussion symptoms than youth league players. The study also found that youth league players tend to return to play within 24 hours of injury, … Continue reading

Better-fit female athletes may be at a higher risk for overtraining syndrome

A study by researchers from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, recently discovered that female athletes who are better fit at the beginning of the season may be more prone to “overreaching” during a team sport as the season … Continue reading

Exercising after studying may boost memory recall

College students take note: if you exercise four hours after studying it may increase your chances of remembering what you studied. A study by Guillen Fernandez, director of the Donders institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behavior at Radboud University Medical … Continue reading

Running and lower back pain

Runners, have you ever experienced lower back pain during or after a run? Maybe it is a slight pain at first but then it becomes more difficult to deal with over time? Has it gotten to the point where you’re … Continue reading

How to recover from a tough workout

Here’s the scenario: you decided to finally give kickboxing a try after your friend tells you about it for months. You go to the class and have a great time. You walk out of class feeling strong and can’t wait … Continue reading

Exercise may help heart failure patients live longer

New research has found a potential link between exercise and a longer lifespan in heart failure patients. A study, presented during a trial session at Heart Failure 2016 and the third World Congress on Acute Heart Failure, suggests patients can … Continue reading

Infographic: how to foam roll like a pro

To the untrained eye, foam rolling can look awkward. For those of us who regularly foam roll, we know that despite how awkward it looks, foam rolling does wonders for sore, tired muscles. This infographic by the experts at Greatist shows … Continue reading

Four items to help you stay fit while traveling

The summer is coming to a close which means many of us are planning our last-minute summer vacations. No matter where you’re going, your travel plans don’t have to get in the way of your fitness goals. Don’t forget to … Continue reading

Changing gait patterns, not shoes, may help prevent running injuries

A recent study by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons found that runners may be less prone to injury while running barefoot than while running with expensive running shoes. The study found that most distance runners who used cushioned running … Continue reading

What to do when you pull a muscle

Editor’s Note: If you think you have sustained an injury you should seek immediate help from your primary healthcare provider. This article is not intended to be a substitute for a consultation from your doctor.  Many people often say they have … Continue reading

Foam rolling mistakes to avoid

Humans are kind of like snowflakes: no two are the same. Our bodies all move in different ways are require care in specific ways, especially when it comes to foam rolling. It’s no secret that we love foam rollers. We … Continue reading

10 exercise myths you shouldn’t believe

We at FEI write a lot about different exercises and health trends. Some of what we write about includes our products, some don’t. Today, we wanted to take a break from what we usually write about so we could discuss … Continue reading

Using resistance bands for travel-friendly workouts

The summer months are perfect for getting a much-needed break from the day-to-day grind. Many of us have either taken or are looking forward to a vacation in the coming weeks. It can be difficult to keep up with your … Continue reading

The latest fitness trends from FIBO

The FIBO Global Fitness trade fair was recently held in Cologne, Germany. This event showcases the newest sports and products to industry insiders. Relaxnews rounded up the top fitness trends featured at the show: Plioxing This is a combination of … Continue reading

HIIT upper-body workout

Fitness trends come and go, but there are the rare few that will hit the mark and stay around for a long time. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great example of a trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. … Continue reading

Infographic: Total body BOSU ball workout

The BOSU balance trainer (BOSU ball) was invited more than 15 years ago. It is a great tool for balance training because it provides an unstable surface while the device itself remains stable. The stable/unstable combination allows for a wide … Continue reading

7 ways to prevent shin splints

Shin splints is the catch-all term for lower leg pain that occurs below the knee on the front of the lower leg. They often occur in athletes or fitness enthusiasts who have recently intensified or changed their training routines. The cause … Continue reading

Stretches for everyone

Stretching: it feels good, helps prevent injuries, and is one of the best ways to prevent post-workout muscle soreness. No matter your age, size, or fitness level, stretching is important. For those who carry extra weight or have limited range-of-motion, stretching can be … Continue reading

Infographic: how many steps are you getting each day?

Do you know how many steps you are taking each day? Unless you regularly wear a pedometer, Fitbit, or any device that tracks your steps, you probably don’t know how many you are taking each day. Most of us have heard that … Continue reading

5 ways to relieve sore muscles

Some days you wake up feeling sore and get an odd sense of satisfaction because it signals you had a fantastic workout the day before. Other days, you wake up with muscle soreness and realize you may have gone a little overboard. On … Continue reading

Can you be too sore to work out?

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on Greatist. Click here for the original article.  Your alarm goes off and it’s time to get up for your morning strength training session. As you start to get up you realize your long run … Continue reading

10 exercises to perform with a weighted bar

Incorporating strength training into your fitness routine is essential for getting in shape and adding muscle definition to your body. Incorporating a couple of strength training sessions can be enough to help you get in shape. Beyond adding definition to your … Continue reading

Infographic: foam roll it out

Foam rolling is one of the biggest fitness trends of 2016. It was introduced by physical therapists to help their patients achieve self-myofascial release. Foam rolling increases blood flow, throughout the body, improves movement, and increases range-of-motion. Fitness expert Jenn Zerling recently … Continue reading

Beyond self-myofascial release: alternative uses for a foam roller

A foam roller is a great too to use when you need a little TLC and you don’t want to pay a lot of money for a professional massage. Many people think foam rollers are only good for self-myofascial release … Continue reading

8 physical therapy methods explained

Physical therapists are trained in the art of assessing the human body and restoring it to optimal performance following an injury. They have some of the most cutting edge technology at their disposal (including lasers!) but their most useful tool … Continue reading

4 exercises that make back pain worse and 4 moves to do instead

  Unlike some of the excuses we make to avoid our daily workout, an achy back is a justifiable reason to skip a workout. Here’s the catch: exercise is one of the best things you can do for an aching … Continue reading

Infographic: the do-anywhere, full-body resistance band workout

Are you ready for an easy to follow workout that only requires one piece of equipment? Here it is! Resistance bands are an effective way to level up any strength training program. This workout originally found on Greatist, is a … Continue reading

How you should sit at your desk according to ergonomics

Sitting all day is bad for your health. It causes your muscles to become inactive and reduces the number of calories you burn per minute, even when you are sitting with good posture! Most of us don’t sit with good … Continue reading

11 tips for dealing with an injury

Injuries don’t just affect physical well-being; they can wreak havoc on a person’s emotional well-being. When fitness is a major part of your identity it can seem like your whole life is thrown off. It’s hard to see right after … Continue reading

Is it a strain or a sprain?

You’re out for your morning run and all a sudden it happens: pain. You try and power through it, but when you get back home you realize this is unlike the typical soreness you experience after a good run. Is … Continue reading

Infographic: the best desk stretches

Sitting is harmful to your health. If you already accept that as a fact this may be surprising to you: sitting is so detrimental to your health that exercising for 30 minutes a day doesn’t offset its negative effects. This … Continue reading

Easy ways to lose weight at work

Adults spend nearly a quarter of their lives each week at work. Many of us have jobs that are done in front of a computer, which means the majority of our day is spent sitting. Sitting for long periods of … Continue reading

Best methods for treating ITBS

Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) occurs when the connective tissue extending from the pelvic bone to the shin bone becomes so tight that it rubs against the thighbone. It is one of the most common injuries among runners and can sideline … Continue reading

4 Ways to Prevent Shin Splints

Did you know that your shins have to bear up to six times your weight while you exercise? Think about it. Someone who weighs 130lbs can be bearing up to 780lbs! It’s no wonder shin splints happen to walkers and … Continue reading

Infographic: the ultimate guide to good posture

Good posture can do a lot of amazing things for your body and mind. It can increase concentration and thinking ability, reduce the risk of slip discs, and facilitates proper breathing. For those of us working at a desk all … Continue reading

How to relieve foot arch pain & plantar fasciitis using BakBalls®

Fabrication Enterprises was recently named a master distributor for BakBalls® in the United States. BakBalls® are an affordable self-treatment device for back pain and stiffness. They are designed to relieve pain and tightness in the back, shoulders, ITBs, and plantar … Continue reading

Exercise may prevent cognitive decline

Exercise is known to have many long-term benefits. For example: Running increases bone density Regular exercise helps you protect yourself against colds, flu, etc. Your risk of diabetes decreases when you exercise often A recent study found that the benefits of regular … Continue reading

Exercises for your IT Band

IT band syndrome (ITBS) is an extremely common injury for runners. The thick, fibrous band of connective tissue running down the outside of your thigh is connective to your gluteal muscles. When the gluteal muscles are weak or tired they … Continue reading

Infographic: The Importance of Desk Ergonomics

There was a time in history where most jobs were done while standing. As technology improved a large portion of that work could be done on a computer. Since then we have seen a dramatic shift in not only how … Continue reading

Video: how to efficiently use your foam roller

A foam roller can be a valuable part of your warm up and cool down. Runner’s World recently produced a series of eight videos which shows one how to use a foam roller to work out knots in various parts … Continue reading

FEI products featured at OT student fair

We at FEI love to hear stories about our products in action. That’s why we’re excited to share this story about Thao Pham, an occupational therapy student at the University of the Sciences (USP) in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Thao recently … Continue reading

7 things your Chiropractor knows about you when you walk into the room

Your posture can reveal a lot about your health, lifestyle and mood. For example: when you see someone in a meeting with their arms crossed and slouched in their chair what do you think of them? Maybe they’re mad, maybe … Continue reading

The Arm Workout for People Who Hate Push-ups

Do you hate doing push-ups? Meet your new best friend: resistance bands. If you want stronger arms but hate doing push-ups, resistance bands are what you need to have in your arsenal. These exercises developed by the Self Magazine staff … Continue reading

33 Resistance Band Exercises to do Anywhere

Resistance bands are the ideal tool for strength building routines or for rehabilitation. It is easier to store than traditional weights, making it ideal for travel, when the weather prevents you from making it to the gym, or when you’re … Continue reading

22 Kettlebell Exercises to Try

Kettlebells can be a little intimidating if you’re not familiar with how to use them. But, with a few simple moves and the right weight you can swing your way to some seriously strong arms, shoulders, abs, and more. The … Continue reading

Must Try Medicine Ball Exercises

2,000 years ago Hippocrates used sand-filled animal skin pouches to help patients recover from injuries. Hippocrates was onto something. The modern equivalent of a sand-filled animal skin, a medicine ball, is one of the most useful tools in your arsenal. … Continue reading

Infographic: How to Foam Roll like a Pro

Does your combat workout have you feeling sore? Maybe training for that spring race has your legs feeling tight? Does your work station wreak havoc on your back? Try foam rolling to help relieve some of that soreness in your muscles. … Continue reading

How to Avoid Overtraining Injuries

Note: this article originally appeared on Has this happened to you? During training for a big race you start feeling pain in your foot. The first few times you feel it you just run it off but then during … Continue reading

Foot Exercises to Relieve Pain in the Back, Hips, and Knees

Did you know that your feet can have a direct effect on pain in your back, hips, and knees? We didn’t either until we read this article on They listed five foot exercises that can help relieve pain in … Continue reading

8 Ways to Combat Knee Pain

Most people have felt minor knee pain at one point in their life. Most of the time pain develops from everyday wear and tear, overuse, or, in some cases, injury. When knee pain strikes many people turn to over-the-counter medications … Continue reading

Workout Tips for Achy Joints

Regular exercise has been shown to reduce chronic inflammation, increase your pain tolerance, strengthen muscles, and increases blood flow. For those suffering from aching joints it’s hard to get the benefits of exercise while your body feels like the Tin … Continue reading

Tips to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Tension

When your neck is sore, what is the first thing you do? Most of us probably roll our head in an attempt to stretch our neck. Something that we didn’t know until reading this article was that stretching a muscle … Continue reading

Infographic: 8 Solutions for Carpal Tunnel Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by the median nerve becoming irritated or compressed as it passes through the carpal tunnel in your wrist. Symptoms of the syndrome include numbness, pain, tingling, and weakness in the hand, wrist, even as far up … Continue reading

Why Do Muscles Get Sore?

You know the feeling. After a great day at the gym or after your big race you try to walk down a flight of stairs, but it is more challenging than it was the day before. Some people view it … Continue reading

Video: Easing Neck and Shoulder Tension with Desk Yoga

Are your neck and shoulders tight while you’re working at your desk? Sitting at your desk all day can cause pain in those areas, especially if you have poor posture. We found this video on Lifehacker from GAIAM yoga instructor, … Continue reading

Pain Fighting Tricks from Physical Therapists

A physical therapist is probably the last person you would think to see when you are in pain, but they are often the ones that will give you [almost] immediate and lasting relief from pain. Prevention magazine recently asked PTs … Continue reading

7 Tips to Swim Faster

Swimming is a great cross-training option during the colder months when it is too cold to get your regular workout done outdoors. Guest writer Ron Burg agrees, which is why we’re excited to share his article with you today. 7 … Continue reading

Stretch to Reverse the Negative Effects of Sitting All Day

Sitting all day is bad for you for a number of reasons. The one reason most people worry about sitting all day is the layer of fat that settles around their midsection. Luckily, three simple exercises performed with a CanDo® … Continue reading

Infographic: How to Remove Kinesio Tape

Kinesio tape is great for stabilizing joints or relieving pain from minor injuries. You may recall that we showed you a few ways to tape yourself to relieve some common pains. That being said, the tape puts adhesive on a … Continue reading

Surprising Back Pain Triggers

Lower back pain can be caused by the strangest things. We asked around our office and found our employees had instances of lower back pain caused by the following: Pulling on snow boots Picking up a pet cat Sitting differently … Continue reading

What Hand Strength Reveals About Your Health

A report found in OnHealth, a supplemental publication for Consumer Report, more than 30 studies over three decades found a link between weak grip among middle-aged or older adults and future disability or premature death. According to an article in … Continue reading

Reasons to go on a fitness date for Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are over, there are less people at the gym, and, of course, love is in the air because Valentine’s Day is coming. Maybe you’re thinking of doing something sweet for your significant … Continue reading

Infographic: 30 Minute Resistance Band Workout

Health professionals recommend the average adult gets 30 minutes of physical activity each day. That being said, it doesn’t always have to be cardio. Keep things interesting by incorporating some strength training into your fitness routine. Research has suggested that … Continue reading

FEI Features New Sup-R Band® Dispenser Box at Medtrade Spring

Date: February 4, 2016 FEI Features New Sup-R Band® Dispenser Box at Medtrade Spring Fabrication Enterprises Inc (FEI) will feature its new Sup-R Band® Dispenser Box at Medtrade Spring Feb. 29 – March 2, 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sup-R … Continue reading

8 Techniques to Improve Your Balance

Did you know that after the age of 30 muscles used to stand begin to weaken? Did you know one in three adults over the age of 65 takes a serious tumble each year? How about this: 20 percent of … Continue reading

6 Recovery Techniques for Cyclists

Professional road racing cyclist Joaquim Rodriguez Oliver of team Katusha says that he lost the 2012 Vuelta a España (Tour of Spain) after the second rest day. He was in the lead for 13 days, but after a rest day … Continue reading

4 Strength-Building Moves to Combat Shoulder Pain

Taking care of your shoulder is important to your overall health. It is important to find that balance between maintaining flexibility and over stretching, which can cause damage. The experts at Prevention spoke to Michael Silverman, PT, MSPT, of the … Continue reading

Video: How to Use Kinesio Tape to Prevent Injuries

The first time many of us noticed kinesio tape was during the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing, China. Since then, it seems there has been an ongoing debate as to whether it is effective or if it is a passing … Continue reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Foam Rolling for Injury Prevention & Recovery

Congratulations! You have taken the first steps to a healthier, happier lifestyle. You started working out, going to bed at a reasonable time, and eating more fruits and vegetables. You’re feeling great, but this new lifestyle brings about aches and … Continue reading

10 Recovery Methods that Work Better than Ice Baths

Ice baths, although they sound more like a punishment to some, have long been used by athletes and fitness fanatics as the ultimate muscle recovery method. However, new research from the Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland … Continue reading

Exercise Balls – The Ultimate Tightening Tool

When you think about an exercise ball, you probably begin to imagine people sitting at desks, or using them for a modified sit up. You probably don’t imagine 6-pack abs and a strong core. Simple moves for your core can become … Continue reading

Tips to Prevent Snow Shoveling Injuries this Winter

By now many of us have had our first major snowfall of the season. We enjoyed building snowmen, sledding, and cozying up by the fire with a hot beverage. After the fun was over, some of us were given the … Continue reading

10 Deskercises to do at Work

We may not always realize it, but a large portion of our day is spent sitting down. We are sitting during the commute to work, sit at a desk in front of a computer for 8 – 9 hours, sit … Continue reading

Avoid Winter Injuries with These 5 Tips

Every year winter brings with it the risk of illness and injury. Injury prevention is a year-round task, but winter presents a unique set of challenges for injury prevention. Thankfully, our friends at Muscle & Fitness identified five tips for preventing … Continue reading

Infographic: When to Use Hot or Cold Therapy

Chances are at some point in your life you have strained, sprained, or wrenched some part of your body. Even if you are lucky enough to never have sustained an injury, as we age the chances of developing arthritis increases. … Continue reading

Full Body Resistance Band Workout

Resistance bands are often an overlooked piece of equipment at your local gym. To be perfectly honest, we don’t understand why that is the case. Resistance bands are an easy to use, versatile, portable, and inexpensive piece of equipment. The … Continue reading

Does Colder Weather Affect Your Joints?

Imagine this: you’re sitting around the dinner table on Christmas Eve and your great aunt starts to talk about how her arthritic knee has started to bother her as the weather has gotten colder. Some of your family members may … Continue reading

5 Foam Rolling Exercises that Saved a Professional Football Player’s Career

Nate Lawrie, a former American football tight end, played for five different NFL teams throughout his career. While recovering from back surgery after his third season in the NFL, Lawrie became an avid foam roller user to relieve pain in … Continue reading

Infographic: How to Customize your Digi-Flex Multi®

All fingers are not created equal: your pinky finger is typically weaker than your thumb, and your ring finger is probably not as strong as your pointer finger. Typical hand exercisers treat fingers like they are created equal and offer … Continue reading

FEI features Digi-Flex Multi® Hand Exerciser at Arab Health

Fabrication Enterprises Inc. (FEI) will feature its Digi-Flex Multi® hand exerciser at Arab Health 25 – 28 January 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Digi-Flex Multi® is a revolutionary hand exerciser that allows hand therapists to customize hand therapy … Continue reading

Stay Motivated During the Holidays with These 8 Tips

There’s a reason gym memberships skyrocket on January 1: the holidays are typically when we over-indulge and stop exercising on a regular basis. It’s ok to treat yourself every once in a while, but slacking off or eating poorly can lead … Continue reading

12 Things a Massage Therapist Knows About You After an Hour

Massages are great for easing muscle tension, relaxation, injury recovery, and overall well-being. That being said, it is a pretty intimate experience and the therapist working with you is bound to learn a few things about you during your massage. … Continue reading

Video: The Medicine Ball Side-Lunge: An Unconventional Move That May Stimulate New Muscle Growth

We all know that exercises such as squats, push-ups, rows, and lunges should be part of our workout. They are conventional exercises that are easy to do and they are effective. That being said, we should also incorporate unconventional moves, … Continue reading

6 Stretches to Reduce Pain and Improve Mobility in Joints

As we get older, our joints may start to hurt which can limit our movement. However, staying active is key to preventing joint pain and limited mobility. Stretching and mobility exercises help the body’s production of synovial fluid, which helps … Continue reading

FEI features Digi-Flex® Multi® Hand Exerciser at Medica

Date: November 5, 2015 FEI features Digi-Flex® Multi® Hand Exerciser at Medica Fabrication Enterprises Inc (FEI) will feature the Digi-Flex® Multi® hand exerciser at Medica November 16 – 19 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The Digi-Flex® Multi® is a revolutionary hand exerciser … Continue reading

Staying Pain-Free Between Chiropractic Adjustments

As any chiropractor will tell you, the body many not always hold the correct position after is has been adjusted. Patients will soon return with the same ailment, sometimes because they did not take the appropriate steps after their last … Continue reading

Study Shows Practicing Yoga can Ease Arthritis Symptoms

A recent study from the John Hopkins University School of Medicine found that yoga can help improve symptoms of the two most common types of arthritis. We came across the study while reading an article by Tree Hugger. The study … Continue reading

Infographic: Resistance Bands v Free Weights

Have you ever wondered what the advantages/disadvantages are for resistance bands when compared to free weights? Resistance bands are one of our favorite products, but, we have to admit, we wondered the same thing. That’s why we put together the … Continue reading