15 Minute Core Workout with the CanDo® Inflatable Ball

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15 Minute Core Workout with the CanDo® Inflatable Ball

Do you want a strong core? Turns out you can make that dream into a reality with just 15 minutes of your time and a CanDo® Inflatable Ball. Here are the exercises you should perform each day to get those six pack abs:


To begin each exercise, pick the CanDo® Inflatable Ball size you are most comfortable with. Size should not matter too much, if you have the ball inflated properly. The deadbug exercise is a fun one, as it has you start off by lying on you back like a dead bug. While you are on your back, have both of your legs bent at a 90 degrees angle. Next, while holding the CanDo® Inflatable Ball between your forearms and knees, extend your arms over your chest. Then, slowly extend and lower your right leg until your heel nearly touches floor while simultaneously lowering your left arm overhead until your hand nearly touches floor. Pause for a brief second and then slowly return both of your extended limbs to the starting position. Do this same movement on your opposite arm and legs to complete the rep. Do this for 10 reps to complete the set.

Stir the Pot

The stir the pot exercise is a lot like the movement you would do if you were stirring a pot in a kitchen setting. To begin, place your forearms on the CanDo® Inflatable Ball and extend your legs directly behind you forming a straight line from your head to your heels. Then, move your forearms in a full circle and move with the CanDo® Inflatable Ball. Make sure you are keeping the rest of your body still and bracing your abs. Do the complete stirring motion 10 times to complete the set.


The rollout exercise is a great test of your core strength because you are using just your core to roll back and forth with the ball. To begin, start by finding a soft place to rest your knees because otherwise your knees are going to hurt after this workout. If you are having trouble finding a spot like a rug, we recommend picking up a CanDo® Closed Cell Exercise Mat. Once you found a spot to exercise on, get into a kneeling position and place your forearms on the CanDo® Inflatable Ball. Then, slowly propel your arms forward, until your body forms a straight line. Pause for 3 seconds before rolling back until your hips are over your knees to complete the rep. Do this exercise as many times as possible for 30 seconds to complete the set.

Doing each set of these three exercises will complete the circuit. Complete this circuit as many times are you can before your 15 minutes is up. Alternatively, you can do each exercise for 5 minutes for a total amount of 15 minutes. Be sure to take a small 30 second break in between each set so you do not get exhausted too quickly.

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Article written by William Graves.