Building a Fun Obstacle Course at Home

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Building a Fun Obstacle Course at Home

Summer is not over and there is still time to have some fun. You can refer to our previous article for some tips on how to do that at home, but real summer at home enthusiasts might consider something bolder and more outside the box. Building an obstacle course in your own home might just be the idea you were looking for.

If you have been watching a lot of TV lately, and you probably have, you may have stumbled upon shows that feature obstacle courses. Obstacle courses are great because they offer a challenge as well as a physical drain on your body. This is because you must use both your mind and body to get through the course to complete it. Making an obstacle course will give your kids plenty to do as it takes time build. And once built, it will provide endless fun for the Summer.

Though you might not be able to build a professional course at home like you see on TV, you certainly can try. The first thing you must do is plot out the course. Decide if you have the space inside or outside to do it and then have your kids map out their obstacle course on paper. Your course can be simple, maybe by just using some chairs and some pillows for your kids to use. Or it can be grandiose by using wedges and gym mats. After the course is set, make it fun for the whole family by using timers and take turns to see who has the fastest time.

The best part about building an obstacle course is that it will be unique to your family and you can make a stronger bond by building it. However, you plan on making your obstacle course, be sure to use your kid’s imagination and they are sure to have a fun time. Also make sure to monitor your children to ensure the safety of the course. Do not attempt a course that you would deem unsafe.

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Article written by William Graves.