Introducing the New CanDo® Slide Board

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Introducing the New CanDo® Slide Board

Looking for a low impact exerciser that doesn’t put a whole lot of pressure on your knees and joints? Then you might want to try our new CanDo® Slide Board! The CanDo® Slide Board allows users to challenge themselves, develop muscle, and burn calories effectively. And most importantly, you will experience the fun of sliding on this board like a skater.

First off, what exactly is a slide board? As the name implies, it is an exercise device that you use to laterally slide back and forth across the board. High impact exercises like cardio and strength building can put a lot of pressure on major joints such as your knees and wrists. Which can be hard for people who are recovering from an injury and want to start off with a low impact exercise. Slide boards can enable you to practice regular exercises such as lunges and mountain climbers all without putting too much pressure on your bones and joints. Sliding will help reduce normal exercise impact all while giving you that thrilling challenge of having to exercise as you glide across the board.

The all new CanDo® Slide Board changes the fitness industry with its innovative fitness solution, allowing users to perform a variety of exercises that improve balance, stability, and develop more muscle mass. It offers a dynamic range-of-motion that requires you to balance your entire body, giving you a great full body workout as you practice lateral exercises, cardio, squats, and core training. Also, it works on major muscle groups that are most frequently engaged with slide board such as your core, hips and glutes, and hamstrings and quads. Because this product is a low impact exerciser, you can use it for fitness training and rehabilitation. Additionally, this slide board is extremely portable. When you are done using it, simply roll it up and put it in the included carry case. Take it to a friend’s house, so they can experience the excitement of using a slide board.

The CanDo® slide board is an innovative product that allows you to practice low impact exercises at home, at the gym or with a physical therapist. You also do not have to worry about slipping when you are having fun sliding. This is because the gripping at the bottom of the board and the two ends prevent slippage. So, enjoy the astonishingly long CanDo® Slide Board as you challenge yourself with this new exercise tool. Happy sliding!

To view our CanDo® Slide Board, click here.

Article written by William Graves.