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Togu Pediatric Inflatable, Bonito the Horse

With some children still doing remote learning for school, it can be hard to get them active. Before the pandemic, children were able to go to recess and move around with other kids to release excess energy. However due to the conditions we are in today, the behavior of children has been forced to change. Children need movement to stay focused, which is why we have listed some TOGU® items for you to consider getting to help your child stay physically active at home:

Bonito the Horse

It is no secret that Bonito the Horse is a beloved inflatable animal amongst children…and for good reason. Not only is Bonito the Horse perfect for balance training, improving coordination and building strength, it is fun as well! Standing at just 20” high, this loveable little inflatable horse comes in both red and blue colors and is well suited for children. Bonito allows children to get accustomed to balance by easily straddling, sitting on and “galloping” with feet on the floor. Along with balance, Bonito is also great for general pediatric exercise. It allows children to do twisting and climbing motions that help strengthen back muscles, loosen hip joints, increase flexibility and promote stabilization.

Togu Octositz Multi Cube

Octositz Multi Cube

The Octositz Multi-Cube is not your ordinary cube. At first glance it looks lumpy and uneven, however this design was intended for children to practice balancing and have a blast! The unique shape of the Multi Cube allows children to roll, sit, lay, and climb around and on it to test their limits in the various positions. With this tool your children will be able to stay active and enjoy the balance challenge the Octositz presents.

Togu Dynair Balance Seat

Dynair Balance Seat

For when your child is doing remote learning at home but cannot sit still, look no further than the Dynair Balance Seat. This seat encourages active sitting with its concave and textured surface. It provides traction and stability, allowing children to get accustomed to finding balance while also teaching children how to sit still and listen. This seat comes in two colors for your children to choose from and are a terrific tool to improve your child’s everyday life.

There is no doubt that TOGU® products offer durable and safe exercise equipment that challenges children to keep their balance. If you feel that these TOGU® products are right for your children, please consult your pediatrician.

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Article written by William Graves.