National Singles Day 2020

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National Singles Day 2020

Today is National Singles Day! This is the perfect day for you to take some time to reflect on yourself and fine tune what is most important in your life. If you are one of those single people who celebrates this day, we have the perfect companion for you, Sup-R Band® Singles®! With this resistance exercise tool, you can work on yourself to become the best you.

Unlike the rolled-up version of Sup-R Band®, the pre-cut single strips come in easy to carry individual packages. These are perfect for individuals who do not want to cut into band with scissors to get the right size. Lightweight, compact, and portable, the Sup-R Band® Singles® are great to take with you anywhere. You can put it in your gym bag, briefcase, or pocket. Each strip of band is 5 feet in length and can be used for various exercises. Allowing for a little “me time” when you choose to workout.

But you do not have to be alone when working out with this band. You can get together with your other single friends in a park or in your home to exercise in a safe distance. Sup-R Band® is latex-free making it safe for those with latex sensitivities. Choose between one single pack or a box of 30, with various resistances to select. Each resistance is color coded to indicate the type of resistance. For more novice band exercisers, we recommend utilizing the yellow band while the experts will find the blue and black bands more suitable.

Sup-R Band® Singles® are great for individual exercises or use in a group. There are a variety of resistances to choose from for the perfect pick up and go exercise experience.

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Article written by William Graves.