Splinting Pans

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Splint baths are shaped to fit splinting material and efficiently heat water to ready splinting material for use.

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24-6535 Smart Strava UV Splint Bath, Standard Size, U.S Plug $3500.00
Smart Strava UV Splint Bath, Standard Size, U.S Plug:
The Smart Strava UV Splint Bath is a state-of-the-art splint bath that is precisely engineered to remove the guesswork and help prevent cross contamination. It is made from a thermoset material, known for its insulation, flammability resistance, durability and aesthetic appeal. An easily accessible, transparent hinged lid along with unique convection heat exchanger technology make for quick and uniform heat distribution. Our proprietary cleaning system uses both UV-C sterilization cycling and a high-heat cleaning cycle to effectively sterilize the bath. This dual cleaning system ensures the water is 99.9% free of microbes. Also, the automatic drainage pump makes water evacuation quick and easy for tub cleaning and water replacement.

Dimensions: 20.3" x 8.9" x 23"

Weight: 47 lbs

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