Electric hi-low tables have radiused, seamless corners on upholstered components. Footswitch control. Available in various color options.
    The Adapta Mesa (2-piece) and Adapta Summit (7-piece) treatment platforms give you multiple options so you can select what works for you. Using the optional motorized PosturFlex option to ?peak" the center of the table helps accommodate patients who have difficulty lying flat. You can increase flexion or extension to add to the patient's comfort without fumbling for bolsters, towel rolls or pillows and gradually bring them back to a flat position when treatment is over. Also included are: gas-assist movable sections and a retractable, integrated, EZ Lift caster system that makes moving the platform a cinch. Adapta i-Skin Patient Surface is: Antimicrobial and easy to clean, Non-slip gently contoured surface helps patients feel secure and comfortable, Firm enough to keep your elbows and knees from ?bottoming out" during manual therapy.
    Tilting headpiece. Accelerator pelvic drop. Paper holder and cutter. Height adjustable 18"-24". 80" L x 30" W x 18" - 24" H. Seamless cushion available in various color options. 300 lb. weight capacity.
    Treatment tables designed and tested to offer work surfaces that are durable, rigid and comfortable. Functional tables are available in several widths and heights in either upholstered or raised rim tops. Choose from a variety of styles including drawers, shelves, adjustable backs and enclosed cabinets.
    Hi-Low Treatment Table available with manual or electric drive. Choose from a variety of styles including drawers, shelves, adjustable backs and enclosed cabinets. Upholstered top tables have a matching upholstered shelf; Raised rim tables have a plain wood shelf.
    Combines the benefits of traditional tilt table protocols with active exercise.
    These Treatment Tables were engineered to create a refined experience and to be a strong, sturdy, reliable and high-quality table that will support your patients and your practice for years. With treatment tables being the core of your practice and one of the most significant and long-standing investments you can make, the Montane and Galaxy tables are the right place to start.
    Bariatric Hi-Low tables with firm density foam available in various color options.