Use CanDo® for your Couple Workout

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Use CanDo® for your Couple Workout

National Couples Day may be over but that does not mean you have to stop working out with your significant other. In fact, this could be just the beginning of what could be a lifelong journey for the both of you working out together. Continuing from our previous article, below are some more workouts you can do with your partner using CanDo® exercise tools:

Rotational Twist

Rotational twists are a great exercise for your obliques and are a lot of fun to do with a partner. All you need to start is a CanDo® medicine ball of your choice and a weight that is suitable for both you and your partner. To begin, stand back to back and make sure both your feet are shoulder width apart. Then squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor just like you did for the wall sit. Next hold the CanDo® medicine ball with both hands, turn to your left and pass the ball to your partner, who will turn the opposite way to grab it. After that, both you and your partner will turn the opposite way and pass the CanDo® medicine ball back on the other side. Do this as many times as you want to complete the set, then change directions to switch things up.

Resistance Band Sprint

Resistance band sprints are a fun way to get a good sprint in without the use of heavy machinery. All you need is a CanDo® resistance band and your partner. There are multiple resistances to choose from, so choose the best CanDo® band that fits you and your partner’s needs. There is also a latex free option if you or your partner have a latex allergy. To start, stand inside the CanDo® band while your partner is standing behind you, holding the CanDo® band from the outside. Then, take a couple of steps forward to create enough distance between you and your partner so that the band is stretched enough that it is tight across your waist. Next, start sprinting or doing high knees in one the spot for 30 seconds with the band creating resistance against your movements. Once the 30 seconds is up, swap with your partner and do the same thing.

Working out with your partner has never been easier with CanDo®. Have all the sweat and happiness with your partner for more workouts to come when you use these select CanDo® products.

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Article written by William Graves.