Using CanDo® Dumbbells to Strength Train at Home

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Using CanDo® Dumbbells to Strength Train at Home

Strength training can be difficult at home because people are so used to using exercise machines, they forget how to do basic exercises with free weights. Gyms have a variety of fitness equipment for you to choose from, but most of that stuff is expensive and can take up a lot of space in your home. The solution? Try adding some free weights, like CanDo® vinyl-coated dumbbells to your home.

CanDo® vinyl-coated dumbbells are made of cast iron and feature a vinyl coating which is comfortable to grip and does not allow the dumbbells to scratch your floors at home. You can use them to exercise any part of your body because dumbbells are a universal tool perfect for total body workouts. There are countless amounts of workouts you can do with them and they are extremely portable. You can carry them anywhere around the house and move them as you see fit. Best of all, they come in a variety of different weights for you to choose from. Start with the lower weights if you are just beginning to lift to avoid any injuries. Then slowly work up to those heavy 20 pounders!

These dumbbells are conveniently color-coded according to how much they weigh. Purchase them as a pair, multiple piece sets or you can buy them individually depending on your needs. Use individual weights if you want to focus more on isolated lifting and bringing more attention to certain muscles. Or use a pair of dumbbells to maximize your time efficiency. Upgrade to a set and you basically have everything you need to tone and strengthen your muscles at home.

CanDo® vinyl-coated dumbbells are great for those total body workouts at home. There is a large selection of weights to choose from and they come in fun, useful colors! Working out at home has never been easier with CanDo®.

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Article written by William Graves.