What Treatment Tools Does a Hand Therapist Use?

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What Treatment Tools Does a Hand Therapist Use?

Do you know what tools hand therapists use? There are a variety of tools that a hand therapist employs to make sure their patients recover quickly from hand surgery or injury. These tools are proven hand therapy treatment options that ensure a quick and speedy recovery from most ailments. CanDo® provides a wide variety of hand treatment tools to choose from to help any part of the patient’s upper extremity.

Many hand therapists recommend hand extension and flexion exercises because they help build up strength and coordination in the patient’s hands, wrists, and fingers. The perfect tool to help with this is the CanDo® Digi-Extend n’ Squeeze®. This wonderful hand therapy tool combines the best features of both the CanDo® Digi-Extend® and CanDo® Digi-Squeeze® all in one lovely package. Its ergonomic ball-shape positions for your fingers and hand with ideal pressure distribution for flexion exercises, while its secure latex-free rubber band enables extension exercises. This tool provides the complete reciprocal exercise program of hand flexion and extension.

CanDo® TheraPutty®

The most effective hand therapy tool in a hand therapist’s arsenal is the CanDo® TheraPutty® hand exercise material. It is our most popular hand therapy product because it simply works. Who would have known such a fun and colorful putty would be so effective at hand therapy? Obviously, we did. Our hand putty comes in 8 different progressive resistance levels so your patient can still practice the same exercises as their hands grow stronger. There are multiple different hand exercises you can do with CanDo® TheraPutty® that can strengthen your whole upper extremity and not just your hand. Through proper guidance with a hand therapist, you will quickly begin to regain strength in your hand and arm.

Hand Therapists use a lot of therapy tools to help their patients recover. Each treatment plan is different depending on the conditions of the individual. However, the one thing all hand therapists can trust and rely on is the variety of hand therapy tools provided by CanDo®.

To view our CanDo® Digi-Extend n’ Squeeze®, click here.

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Article written by William Graves.