Why you Should Exercise with Resistance Bands

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Why you Should Exercise with Resistance Bands

If you look around your gym, you might see a bunch of resistance bands laying around. Most people look at them and are unsure how to exactly use them. These often-overlooked resistance bands are some of the most versatile exercise tools out there. They can help you to strengthen and stretch your muscles for both athletic activity and physical therapy.

Resistance bands are proven to improve the strength, size, and function of your muscles. You can use them for just about any exercise. They are for anyone to use but are especially great for the elderly as well as those undergoing rehabilitation. This is because unlike heavy dumbbells, resistance bands don’t put stress on your joints. There are various types of resistance bands, each with a more specific function related to your fitness goals. They come in different widths, sizes, thicknesses and of course resistances. The lighter resistances are mainly for those who are beginners or rehabilitation patients. As you go up in resistance, the band becomes harder to stretch. People that use higher resistances can gain muscle and lose weight.

The effectiveness of the resistance band depends on how you go about using it. Sure, the gym is full of all kinds of easy to figure out dumbbells and weight machines. However, resistance bands offer many benefits that standard weights can’t. The biggest reason to switch to resistance bands is that they offer way more exercise options for a fraction of the cost. Resistance band training involves a lower amount of force on your joints, which means that more exertion can be used on your muscles with less chance of injury. Resistance bands are also perfect for travel. You can easily fit them in a bag or your pocket and workout anywhere with them.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you should be using resistance bands for your fitness training. They offer a whole lot of benefits once you understand how to use them effectively. You can easily find a set of exercises that fits your needs with resistance bands.

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Article written by William Graves.