Workouts for National Couples Day

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Workouts for National Couples Day

Today is National Couples Day and nothing shows your significant other that you love them more than doing a workout together. Having the same fitness goal with your partner can help improve happiness and love in your relationship. It gives the both of you something to achieve and work towards, as you share your fitness journey together. No gym? No problem! Below are some workouts you can do at home with your significant other:

Push Up Reach

Push ups are a great exercise that really works on your chest and triceps muscles by just using your body weight. This is typically a solo activity, but you can spice it up by doing it with your partner and adding a high five after each rep. The way you do a push up reach is by starting in a push up position by lying flat with your stomach on the ground and your hands underneath your chest. Make sure your partner is right in front of you doing the same thing. Then by synchronizing the timing, you both will push up off the ground and give each other a high five with both of your right hands once your arms are fully extended. Then go back to the ground to reset and do it again but this time high fiving each other with the opposite hands. Repeat until you feel the burn in your chest and triceps.

Back to Back Wall Sits

Want to do something that works on your lower body? Wall sits are not as easy as it sounds, especially when you are doing it with someone else and there is no actual wall involved. Usually you do a wall sit solo by going up against a wall but with a couple wall sit you both will be back to back, replacing the wall with each other. To start, make sure both of your feet are shoulder width apart and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Make sure both of your backs are straight and touching each other because if one person is slacking then you both will come tumbling down. Do this back to back wall sit until you start to feel the burn in your thighs.

Couples who workout together stay together, or at least burn calories and sweat together. Doing workouts with your significant other will bring you both closer together and show how much you both truly love each other.

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Article written by William Graves