This is a collection of superior items designed for use by CPAP patients. Headgear is an essential part of CPAP therapy equipment because it keeps the mask steadily positioned on the face, preventing leaks from a poor seal or too much sliding around. This is headgear not only for full face CPAP masks, but also for nasal CPAP masks. This category also includes chinstraps to ensure mouths stay closed during therapy to prevent air loss. Options include sizes, styles, tube placement and colors.
    This set of top-tier CPAP Masks allow those in CPAP Therapy to choose the style, size and features most important to them. The most common problem with CPAP Masks is leakage, which is why size and fit are so important. Other options include reusable or disposable, with headgear or without, full-face or nasal and the material the mask is made from.