The CanDo Kegel Kit is great for doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Ideal for women during pregnancy or after. As well as older women and those who came out of surgery and have weakened pelvic floor muscles. Make Kegel exercises part of your daily routine with CanDo.
    These Breast Pumps allows you to express milk one breast at a time. It's a great choice because excellence matters when it comes to you and your baby.
    Intimate Rose is best known for their best-selling bladder-control and pelvic care products such as the recent Mom's Choice Award winner, Kegel Exercise System, and the most trusted brand of silicone dilators available on the market. The 8 gradual sizes of dilators with BPA Free, nonstick, medical grade silicone are perfect for women struggling with vaginismus, pain during sex or vaginal exams, vulvodynia, vaginal stenosis, menopause, or affirming their gender.
    Enhance the pleasure of human contact and feel comfort with this line of lubricant. It's a safe and hygienic product that leaves you without worry about drying out.