This is a line of premium items designed to designed to protect the wearer's body from infection. These disposable masks help shield the user from airborne, chemical and biological particles and matter.
    A line of products designed to protect the wearer from infection as well as preventing the wearer from inadvertently infecting others. Capable of being thoroughly cleaned while still fully maintaining its protective features. Over time, reusable masks may prove to be more economical when compared to disposable masks.
    Face shields are part of what's considered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). These are a line of products that protect the entire face from hazards such as potentially infectious materials, flying objects or chemical splashes. Most models protect from the forehead to below the chin.
    A collection of premium products that kill germs and bacteria on a variety of surfaces. Typically and frequently seen and used in hospitals and other medical facilities, dental offices, kitchens and bathrooms to kill infectious organisms. The collection is suitable for hospital use and effective against a wide spectrum of viruses, pathogens and microorganisms.
    A line of liquid, gel or foam products used to decrease infectious agents on the hands. Ideal for killing bacteria and germs as well as helping to prevent the common cold and flu. Most require the user to put a little bit in the palm of their hand and then rub their hands together until dry. Available by the case.
    The Ultrasonic Cleaner is designed to fit all your cleaning needs. These cleaners generate ultrasonic waves that create millions of tiny bubbles through the process of cavitation. The bubbles gently clean and polish any surface they come in contact with, penetrating every nook and cranny to dislodge trapped dirt and debris.
    A selection of premium digital devices designed to quickly and accurately record body temperature. Models range from non-invasive, non-contact units, which are reusable and ideal for multi-individual locations, all the way to units that read orally, rectally and via under the arm. All are battery operated and easy to store.