Building Muscle with CanDo®

Building muscle is a rewarding process that involves a little bit of determination. With a set of CanDo® dumbbells you can build muscle in your upper body quick. Below we have listed some of our top muscle building exercises: Single … Continue reading

How Many Reps Does It Take to Build Muscle?

Building muscle not only makes you stronger but also it makes you more physically able to do everyday tasks that involve strength. For example, opening a jar of tomato sauce can become a lot easier after lifting weights. However, building … Continue reading

Ways to Avoid Wrist Overexertion

Wrist overexertion is no joke and can lead to pain, discomfort, and serious injuries. A lot of people who work at a desk all day may experience overexertion in the wrist from excessive typing or mouse use. To avoid this, … Continue reading

How to Protect Yourself from Overexertion

If you are constantly on the move, whether that be at work or somewhere else, you might be leaving yourself open for overexertion. Overexertion is the feeling your body gets when you push yourself too hard either physically or mentally. … Continue reading

Aerobic Exercises for a Healthy Heart

Your heart is one of the most important parts of your body. It powers us all to keep going and allows us to do what we want to do. It is extremely important for us to help maintain a healthy … Continue reading

Can Climbing Stairs Determine your Heart Health?

Do you know your heart beats about 2.5 billion times over the average person’s lifetime? This one part of your body is vital to your everyday health. If you ever wondered about your heart health, you might be able to … Continue reading

15-Minute Dumbbell Workout

If you are looking for a better night’s sleep and you want to try exercise to help, a quick 15-minute workout might be all you need. You do not need any fancy equipment either. All you need is a single … Continue reading

Exercise for Better Sleep

Did you know exercise can help you sleep? When it comes to exercising and sleeping, Yoga might be the first thing to pop in your mind. While Yoga does help people fall asleep faster and offers a truly restful sleep, … Continue reading

New Year, New Dynamometer – Introducing BIMS™ Digital Dynamometers

With the new year comes a brand-new dynamometer from Baseline®! Introducing the latest set of dynamometers in the Baseline® line up, Baseline® BIMS™ Digital Dynamometers. This new dynamometer is loaded with new features and is the perfect new tool for … Continue reading

FEI Welcomes Eric Trauber as Director of Clinical Education

What Exercise is Best at Burning Calories?

It is a brand-new year! And you want a brand new you, a healthier you. So, what is healthier than trying to burn off some calories? You indulged a little bit in holiday festivities and now it is time to … Continue reading

Top 3 Favorite Physical Therapy Items

Physical Therapy is a well-known practice that a lot of people can appreciate because it helps people get back to their everyday life. Every year, Physical Therapy is used to improve a patient’s physical functions through physical examination and rehabilitation. … Continue reading

Healthy New Year’s Resolution

After the end of one crazy year, maybe you are thinking about making some healthy life choices for the New Year. Most people give up on their New Year’s Resolution in a month or two when it comes to health … Continue reading

Stabilization Training for Runners

For runners, being able to run longer and faster is important to them. Going for a run requires a whole lot more than just using your legs, it involves your whole musculoskeletal system. Which is why some serious runners rely … Continue reading

Winter Running Tips

Yesterday marks the official start of winter, a season where going for run is more commonly postponed so you can stay at home where it is warm. One day it can be nice enough to go for a run and … Continue reading

Loosen Up with our Top Stretching Tools

The benefits of stretching far outweigh the problems you would get if you did not stretch. It is so easy to skip the stretching portion of your exercise routine. However, you end up hurting yourself in the end, quite literally, … Continue reading

Is Being Flexible Important?

Do you stretch before and after you exercise? Stretching to key to keeping your body limber and flexible. Flexibility is very important and should not be overlooked. If you are not flexible, your ability to exercise and perform everyday tasks … Continue reading

Fix Your Posture with Mat Exercises

Good posture does not just affect us when we are sitting and standing, but when we are working out as well. Most of us do not even think about our posture when we are working out. However, having an engaged … Continue reading

Why Good Posture is Important

Do you have good posture? Since grammar school, you were probably told to sit up straight and have good posture. As people grow older that request to stand up tall becomes less and less frequent. Eventually people find themselves in … Continue reading

CanDo® Holiday Shopping List 2020

Thanksgiving is over and you know what time of the year it is. It is time for the holidays! This year has been a tough year for everyone, so why not cheer up a loved one with some great gifts. … Continue reading

Full-Body Workout vs. Isolation Workout

When it comes to working out, there are two routes you can take to get the results you want. Depending on how much time you have, you can either choose between a full-body workout or go for a more isolated … Continue reading

How to Intensify Your Walk

Walking is a great way to burn off calories and you can intensify it if it is too simple for you. Burning off that holiday Turkey can be speeded up by adding a little spice to what might otherwise be … Continue reading

How to Walk off That Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is almost here, and it is time to break out the sweatpants. Not just to loosen up the waist area but also to go for a walk afterwards. But the burning question is how far will you need to … Continue reading

Use Face Protection for any Outdoor or Indoor Activity

Are you planning on exploring the outdoors? Well you might want to consider wearing some face protection. Items such as safety glasses or protection strips, will give you the protection you need to do what you want outside the comfort … Continue reading

National Hiking Day

Today is the day you need to take a hike…because it is National Hiking Day! For years people have been hiking and for good reason. This activity offers many health benefits, and it is a great way to experience nature. … Continue reading

15 Minute Core Workout with the CanDo® Inflatable Ball

Do you want a strong core? Turns out you can make that dream into a reality with just 15 minutes of your time and a CanDo® Inflatable Ball. Here are the exercises you should perform each day to get those … Continue reading

Fabrication Enterprises and Recovery For Athletes Bring Health and Wellness to your home

Fitness gyms around the world have been hurt drastically from the global pandemic COVID-19. Fewer people are going to gyms to exercise and instead are working out at home to remain socially distanced. People are concerned about using the same … Continue reading

Why You Need a Strong Core

When you think of core exercises, most people relate this to getting six pack abs. While having flat six pack abs is nice, having a strong core is better. What is the difference? To understand just how vital core strength … Continue reading

15 Minute CanDo® MGE™ Workout

If you have trouble sleeping, a quick workout before bed might get you tired enough to have a good night’s sleep. This band workout is only 15 minutes of your time and with little to no rest in between sets … Continue reading

Is Daylight Savings Bad for Your Health?

This past Sunday marked the end daylight savings time, and you know what that means? It is time to set back the clock. While a lot of people think setting back the clock an hour is merely an inconvenience, some … Continue reading

Exercises for Wrist and Forearm Pain

Do you know repetitive motions can create stiffness in your wrists and forearms that can lead to tendonitis pain? If you are experiencing tendonitis in your forearm, just know it is not permanent. There are exercises that you can do … Continue reading

What Causes Wrist and Forearm Pain?

Ever have a sharp pain sensation in your wrist or forearm and wonder where it came from? Turns out you might have tendonitis which is an inflammation of the muscles and tendons of the forearm. There can be multiple causes … Continue reading

Begin Your HIRT Workouts with CanDo®

HIRT workouts are great for making you feel stronger, more energized and reinvigorated about fitness. You do not even need that much exercise equipment to get the variety and results you want. A pair of CanDo® Dumbbells and a CanDo® … Continue reading

Why you Should be Doing a HIRT Workout

Sometimes it is good to take it slow, but what if you wanted a high intensity workout just at a slower pace? Instead of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) you could try High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT). HIRT hits the … Continue reading

Measure Body Recomposition with the Baseline® Skinfold Caliper

Body Recomposition is all about preserving and building muscle mass while losing fat at the same time. The focus is more on body composition rather than overall weight. Measurements that only factor in weight and height, such as body mass … Continue reading

What is Body Recomposition?

Traditionally, most weight loss programs focus on cutting body fat rather than gaining muscle. If you ever wanted to do both, this is referred to as Body Recomposition. Body Recomposition is a weight loss method that emphasizes the importance of … Continue reading

Massage Away Lower Back Pain with the CanDo® Massage Gun

October is a month where the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) raises awareness about the musculoskeletal system. As mentioned in our previous article, the musculoskeletal system is comprised of muscles, bones and joints which become more fragile over time with age. … Continue reading

National Chiropractic Health Month 2020

Did you know that the month of October is National Chiropractic Health Month? Recognized by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), National Chiropractic Health Month is a month which celebrates chiropractic health and promotes ways it can be improved. This year, … Continue reading

15 Minute Kettlebell Workout

Do you not have a lot of time to work out? It turns out that even a 15-minute workout can be effective on improving overall health, but only if you are going hard. CanDo® Kettlebells are perfect for quick full … Continue reading

The Dangers of Working Out on No Sleep

If you are forcing yourself to workout even though you did not get enough sleep last night, you might want to think twice. Exercise is great for your health but if you are exercising with no sleep on a constant … Continue reading

Sup-R Band® Workouts

Exercise bands can be fun to use because of how stretchy they are. But do you know these bands can put in some serious work if you know how to utilize them correctly? For those of you who are looking … Continue reading

National Singles Day 2020

Today is National Singles Day! This is the perfect day for you to take some time to reflect on yourself and fine tune what is most important in your life. If you are one of those single people who celebrates … Continue reading

Shoulder Press like a Pro

Building muscle can make you feel strong and healthy if you are lifting weights the right way. A great way to get those shoulder muscles stronger is indeed the shoulder press. This functional movement can develop strength and stability in … Continue reading

The Time it Takes to Build Muscle

Have you ever looked at a bodybuilder and wondered how long it took them to look that way? The answer might be a little more complex than you might think. Every person is different, and there are a certain number … Continue reading

Improving Mobility with CanDo®

Do you have trouble performing a proper squat? Limited mobility may be the reason why you cannot squat to your best ability. You are either leaning too much forward or you cannot keep your feet flat on the ground. To … Continue reading

How to Squat like a Pro and Avoid Mistakes

Since the pandemic, hiring a personal trainer to help with your exercises has become difficult. Personal trainers are usually good at spotting errors in your form when you are exercising. Errors can lead to a painful next morning if they … Continue reading

PPE to Stay Protected

During a pandemic, it is crucial to stay protected with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Luckily, there are a lot of products that can help you stay safe. Below we list some of our favorite PPE products that can help you … Continue reading

Levels of Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential for you to use to stay protected during a pandemic. Depending on the equipment you are using, it can protect you from vapors, gases, and particulates from hazardous substance response activities that can put … Continue reading

Outdoor Training Equipment

While the weather is still nice, it is a great idea to workout outdoors. If you are one who exercises a lot, you can enhance your workout by bringing training equipment outdoors. All you need is a few outdoor training … Continue reading

Outdoor Workouts

If you feel uncomfortable going to the gym, now might be a good time to start an outdoor workout routine while the weather is still nice. Outdoor workouts can be done anywhere and provide some much-needed fresh air. However, the … Continue reading

Use CanDo® for your Couple Workout

National Couples Day may be over but that does not mean you have to stop working out with your significant other. In fact, this could be just the beginning of what could be a lifelong journey for the both of … Continue reading

Workouts for National Couples Day

Today is National Couples Day and nothing shows your significant other that you love them more than doing a workout together. Having the same fitness goal with your partner can help improve happiness and love in your relationship. It gives … Continue reading

Using CanDo® Dumbbells to Strength Train at Home

Strength training can be difficult at home because people are so used to using exercise machines, they forget how to do basic exercises with free weights. Gyms have a variety of fitness equipment for you to choose from, but most … Continue reading

Dumbbell Workouts at Home

Are you still stuck at home and only have a dumbbell set to exercise with? Well it turns out that all you need are dumbbells to do a full body workout. Sure, going to the gym and using the machines … Continue reading

Using CanDo® Stretching Aids

Do you know that stretching is a great way to keep your heart healthy? Stretching allows your arteries to stay flexible and it helps to prevent vascular disease. For some people, stretching may be hard to do. If you find … Continue reading

How Stretching Can Improve Heart Health

Have you ever questioned whether stretching is effective or not? Turns out, a new study has found that passive stretching for just 12 weeks can improve your blood flow and heart health. This means if you include stretching in your … Continue reading

Building a Fun Obstacle Course at Home

Summer is not over and there is still time to have some fun. You can refer to our previous article for some tips on how to do that at home, but real summer at home enthusiasts might consider something bolder … Continue reading

Keeping your Kids Active this Summer

For many parents, COVID-19 lockdowns have been exhausting as it can be hard to keep kids entertained. Summertime used to be the time for family vacations, trips to theme parks and even summer camp. However, this year is different as … Continue reading

Use Protex™ to Disinfect your Home

These days it is very important to add disinfecting your home to your cleanup routine. A clean home is a happy home, especially when it comes to disinfecting everything. You can never have enough disinfectant equipment nowadays and it is … Continue reading

How to Disinfect your House

With the current pandemic still affecting the world, it is important to stay safe inside your home to stop the spread. If you do end up having to go out, there is the risk you can potentially bring the virus … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Baseline® Hand-Held Body Fat Monitor

Body fat percentage can be an important calculation for many people who are trying to lose weight. Taking your age and gender into account, you can determine your target essential body fat percentage. From there you can see how much … Continue reading

What is the Ideal Body Fat Percentage?

One goal of working out is to decrease body fat, however there is no such thing as having 0% body fat. Without body fat our body will not be able to function properly. Having body fat allows cushioning and insulation … Continue reading

Add a Face Shield to your List of PPE

Having the right tools for protecting your own safety and that of others has never been more vital. That is why adding a face shield to your list of personal protective equipment (PPE) is ideal. The face shield can protect … Continue reading

How Do Face Shields Help?

With hundreds of millions of Americans wearing face masks nowadays, did you ever wonder if there was an alternative option? If you find reusable and disposable face masks uncomfortable to breathe with, wearing face shields could be a better option. … Continue reading

Stay Safe with CanDo® Hand Sanitizer

Going out this holiday weekend? Make sure to bring some hand sanitizer with you! Hand sanitizer can be a life saver when it comes to fighting off germs. One hand sanitizer that we recommend is our CanDo® Hand Sanitizer. CanDo® … Continue reading

July 4th, 2020 Health and Safety Tips

Planning on celebrating July 4th this holiday weekend? With everything going on in the world currently, you might be celebrating a little bit differently this year compared to other years. Below are some safety tips on how you can take … Continue reading

Choose AIREX® for your Exercise Mat Workouts

Are you tired of working out on hard, dirty surfaces and want an exercise mat that can give you a better workout experience? Then AIREX® has got you covered. With high-quality, portable mats at your disposal, you are sure to … Continue reading

Do you Need an Exercise Mat?

You are doing sit ups on the floor of your home and the next morning you get up and your back is bothering you. What happened? You may have hurt your back from exercising on the plain floor and not … Continue reading

Stay Protected with Disposable Face Masks

Wearing a mask when going out in public is the new norm, and it is important to use to stay safe and protected. With disposable masks, you can do just that by being able to prevent being exposed or transmitting … Continue reading

Wearing a Face Mask Properly

With businesses starting to slowly reopen around the U.S we must get used to the new norm of wearing face masks everywhere we go. This allows stores and businesses to have a safe environment for their customers and their employees. … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Massage Tools

Massaging can be difficult without the proper equipment. If you are a massage professional or trying to give yourself a massage at home, it is important to have the right massage tools set up to get the perfect massage. Whether … Continue reading

Relieving Stress with Massage Therapy

Sometimes life can be stressful, especially during this current pandemic. One way people relieve stress is with a massage. People often go to a spa or massage parlor to get a massage, but during this pandemic most of those places … Continue reading

Stay Safe and Germ Free with Hand Sanitizer

During this uncertain time, it can be difficult to get back to your ordinary life without feeling like you will get sick. Therefore, you should take precautions and learn to disinfect anything and everything you touch. One of the best … Continue reading

National Safety Month 2020

Do you know that June is National Safety Month? Observed annually during the month of June by the National Safety Council (NSC), National Safety Month looks to promote safety both inside and outside the workplace. Now, more than ever, it … Continue reading

Homeschool with the CanDo® Donut Ball

Are you one of the many parents who is now forced to homeschool you child? Teaching your kid at home is not an easy thing to do, especially if your kid will not sit still. Need a solution to this problem? … Continue reading

What is Active Sitting?

Sitting for long periods of time can be tough, especially when all our body wants to do is move around. As human beings, we are not meant to be sitting around all day, but some jobs require it. So how … Continue reading

Use the Baseline Pedometer for Mediation Walks

While you exercise both your mind and body on a meditation walk, you may want to know how many steps you are taking. Measuring your steps can help with step goals, and this can give you motivation to walk even … Continue reading

Meditation Walks

With the world slowly opening, you may still feel hesitation going to the gym even if your gym is now reopened. That is okay, as there are still many ways to exercise without going to a gym. One of which … Continue reading

Preventing Osteoporosis with Exercise

As people age, Osteoporosis becomes more and more common among men and women. Instead of succumbing to the crippling effects of this disease, there are actions you can do to prevent it. Exercise is a great way to help prevent … Continue reading

National Osteoporosis Month 2020

Do you know that May is not only the month to celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports but to also celebrate National Osteoporosis Month? During this month, the National Osteoporosis Foundation strives to raise awareness for osteoporosis, a disease which … Continue reading

Staying Active with CanDo® MGE™

If you want to stay healthy and active this month, we recommend the CanDo® MGE™ Exerciser. This lightweight resistance exerciser can help you do strength training anywhere at anytime. It’s perfect for an indoor home workout if you’re stuck indoors. … Continue reading

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

The month of May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month! During this month, staying physically active is a goal everyone should have. The weather is getting warmer, so if you have the ability to be outside while still social … Continue reading

Exercise at Home with TOGU®

One of the key ingredients of avoiding cabin fever is exercise. Exercising not only kills the spare time you have, but also helps you live a healthier life. Are you bored by the exercise equipment you own? Try something new … Continue reading

Tips to Avoid Cabin Fever at Home

Are you getting distressed and bored from being home all day? You might not have the symptoms of COVID-19 but instead cabin fever. Cabin fever does not actually give you a fever, but it can give you a feeling of … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: AIREX® Cloud

Are you a fan of balance training? One tool many people use to balance train is a balance pad. This unstable surface can give any normal exercise, like push-ups, a greater challenge. If you are used to using a standard … Continue reading

HIIT Workout at Home

Have your ever completed a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout? This workout routine combines cardio and strength training to help you lose body fat and gain muscle. Research has found that working out with bursts of intensity followed by short … Continue reading

Graded Pinch Exerciser for Occupational Therapy

Do you think about how many items you grab onto daily? Gripping is an action people do daily, whether it’s gripping a coin to pay a parking meter, opening a door, or grasping a drink. It is an essential ability … Continue reading

Occupational Therapy Month 2020

April showers may bring May flowers, but it also brings Occupational Therapy Month! Every year during the month of April people all over the United States celebrate National Occupational Therapy Month. During this month the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) … Continue reading

Exercise and Rehabilitate at Home with CanDo®

Stuck at home and need equipment to remain active? CanDo® has you covered with our all new CanDo® At-Home Exercise and PT Kits. CanDo® At-Home Exercise Kits At-Home Exercise Kits are designed to bring gym workouts to your home. Each … Continue reading

Tips to Workout from Home

Still stuck inside with no gym to go to? The gym is usually the ideal place to exercise because it provides the fitness equipment with less of the distraction that home brings. But what if you can’t go to the … Continue reading

Use TOGU® to Help with your Dog Fitness Training

Dog fitness training is only as good as the tools you use. With TOGU®, there are plenty of high-quality products you can use at home to help you train your dog. From balancing to massaging, TOGU® has some great products … Continue reading

Fitness Training at home with your Dog

Are you stuck at home with your dog? While there are many home workout exercises you can do, did you know there are many your dog can do too? It turns out dog fitness training is one trend taking the … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: CanDo® Therapy Propeller

Finding the right upper body exerciser can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are looking for something that is portable, lightweight and helps with range of motion. If you are looking for all those previously mentioned in one sleek design, … Continue reading

Keeping a Hygienic Workout Environment

Staying at home does not mean you have to stop being hygienic when it comes to your workout. In fact, sanitary practices are one of the biggest pet peeves when it comes to working out. It is good to know … Continue reading

Glassless Table Mirror for Speech Therapy

Depending on the age and severity of the speech disorder, therapists will use a variety of techniques to help treat it. One technique a speech therapist might use is having their patient practice mouth movements in front of a mirror. … Continue reading

What is Speech Therapy?

Therapy is a very general term that encompasses a variety of different treatments intended to relieve or heal a disorder. With speech therapy, people with communication or speech disorders are quickly assessed and treated. In this blog we detail exactly … Continue reading

Increase Safety with a FabSafe™ Fall Mat

This week is Patient Safety Awareness Week. With that in mind, we want to stress that doctors as well as patients should practice caution to lessen medical mistakes. As a doctor it is always good to seek new safety tools … Continue reading

Patient Safety Awareness Week 2020

Among doctors and medical professionals, safety should be the number one concern when it comes to working with their patients. However, sometimes this is not always the case as mistakes can be made which can inadvertently hurt the patient. From … Continue reading

Tools you need for a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is very important, as we have mentioned in our article earlier this week. Sleep takes about 1/3 of your entire life and it is an integral part of leading a healthy lifestyle. If you are tossing and turning at … Continue reading

National Sleep Awareness Week 2020

No matter who you are, as human beings we all need sleep. Sleep is needed every day for people to function the following day. Without sleep, you won’t be able to perform at your best, so it is important to … Continue reading